Son Doong, The World’s Largest Cave
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  Duration: 7 DAYS/6 NIGHTS STYLE: Adventure Travel

Son Doong, The World’s Largest Cave

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Son Doong Cave is in the heart of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh province. This incredible cave was only explored in 2009/2010 by the British Cave Research Association. Situated in the deep jungle, the entrance to the cave was found by a local jungle man Mr. Ho Khanh.

Son Doong Cave is now the largest cave in the world and has understandably been the attention of many film companies such as the BBC, National Geographic, Japanese and Brazilian teams. It also featured in National Geographic Magazine in 2011. 

HGH Travel proudly presents you once-of-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the World’s Largest Cave with a team of safety experts, professional guides and porters on this world-class tour of Hang Son Doong. This caving adventure is suitable for budding explorers, trekkers and photographers with a thirst for the ultimate adventure!

Explore the fascinating secrets of the newly discovered Son Doong Cave on this once-in-lifetime opportunity offered by Oxalis Adventure Tours. In a small team of up to eight guests, you’ll trek deep in the remote jungle of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, cross stunning river valleys, meet the friendly Bru Van Kieu minority people of  Doong Village, and bear witness to incredible cave formations unlike anywhere else in the world. 

More like a mini-expedition, a team of more than 16 porters, safety experts and guides will accompany you on your six-day adventure, with two nights camping in magnificent Hang En and three nights in the World’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong

Safety is absolutely paramount on all trips operated by Oxalis Adventure Tours, HGH’s business partner, and hence two of the very best caving experts from the UK will accompany each tour of  Son Doong Cave. Ropes, safety harnesses, lights and helmets are necessary to enter Son Doong and these are all provided from European manufacturers such as Petzl and Mammut. 

Camping gear is provided and will be setup for guests upon arrival at each campsite. A team of porters will carry all gear and assist you with your own gear to ensure you can comfortably maneuver your way through the cave on each day. 

We are committed to cave conservation, and hope to preserve the beauty of Son Doong Cave for future visitors and have hence imposed a number of rules to ensure no damage is caused to any cave formations or the general cave ecosystem. Composting toilets are used at each campsite and all rubbish and waste removed at the completion of each tour of Son Doong. 

Note: There are only maxium 500 permits for tourists to Son Doong in 2016. For further information and early booking in the year of 2017, contact us for your best deal and soonest arrival.

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US$3,000/person (2016)
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Itinerary Highlights

Day 1: Dong Hoi – Safety Briefing – Local hotel in Phong Nha

Arrive in Dong Hoi by no later than the afternoon (no later than 4 pm) of the briefing day where you will be met by a member of our team and transferred to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

You’ll be dropped off at Oxalis Home hotel or Ho Khanh Homestay where you’ll have the rest of the day to rest, relax and wander around the village. You will be required to purchase your own breakfast and lunch on this first day.

Around 5:30 pm you will congregate in the hotel restaurant where you’ll meet your cave experts and guide team for your safety briefing and equipment check.

Please have all belongings you’ll be taking on the trek prepared before the safety briefing, as immediately after the briefing we will collect everyone’s belongings in individually labeled large plastic bags, and send them to our porters to prepare for the following day.

You will receive your belongings each evening once you get to your campsite. Therefore, anything you want to take with you during the day you should keep in a separate backpack (e.g. cameras, tripods etc.).

Before dinner, you will be given your helmet for the trip; the helmet will then be your responsibility for the duration of the tour. Enjoy dinner with your team at around 7:30 pm at Oxalis headquarter, after which you will be transferred back to your hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Day 2: Phong Nha - Ban Doong Village - En Cave 
Enjoy breakfast at the hotel at 8:00 am with your guide before departing at 9:00 am for the first leg of the expedition.
You’ll make a brief stop at the market to pick up any last minute supplies, as well as the Vietland Holidays office to drop off your luggage and any valuables.
After a 45 mins drive along Road 20 of the Ho Chi Minh Highway you’ll reach your trekking point, where you’ll start trekking for approximately 1 hour downhill through the forest, which is quite steep at times.
Walk for half an hour along a small stream to the minority village of Ban Doong, which is a real highlight for many on this expedition. Learn more about this unique ethnic group of people and enjoy lunch beside a small river.
After this point, you will be in the sun all afternoon with about 2 hours along a river, with very little shade. You’ll cross the river many times and so will have wet feet for the whole day. In the summer, the water is only usually knee deep, but gortex boots will fill and hold the water so are not recommended.
You’ll then reach the entrance to Hang En Cave, home to thousands of swifts. Here you’ll be given your headlight and helmet and trek/bouldering approximately 20-30 mins to your campsite inside the cave.
The group should arrive at camp by 3:00 pm where you can enjoy swimming and washing within the underground river. Dinner will be served at the spectacular campsite with numerous photographic opportunities.
Anyone who is unable to complete any stage of this first day comfortably will be turned around to Phong Nha and cannot join the expedition. No refund will be offered.
Day 3: En Cave - Son Doong Entrance - Hand of Dog - Camping 1
You’ll again begin your day with a delicious breakfast at around 8:00 am. You’ll be in for a very tough day today so its best to enjoy a big breakfast, as you’ll need your energy!
Start your trek at 9:00 am through Hang En Cave for about 30 mins to reach the magnificent exit, made famous by many a photographer over the past few years.
You’ll scramble down to the river valley and then it’s an hour’s walk through the river, so your boots are going to be wet for most of the day and it is unavoidable!
You’ll then start climbing a big hill with a couple of rope sections where you’ll need to pull yourself up, and in one point strap into a safety line. You’re then at the entrance of Son Doong Cave where you’ll enjoy lunch and countdown to your big journey underground!
With your safety harnesses, you’ll then start the 80 m descent into the cave by making a number of short climbs, using ropes and safety lines and with your guides’ assistance. There is no rappelling or abseiling involved.
You’ll then enjoy a few more climbs and bouldering to reach the first and second river crossing inside the cave, which is no more than knee-to-thigh deep depending on the water levels. You should have a wash here, as it will be the last place before reaching your first campsite in Son Doong Cave!
On your way to the first campsite in the first large passage of the cave, you’ll have to be extra careful as there are a number of big drops along a rocky path before reaching one of the most spectacular views: Hand of Dog and daylight streaming through the cave thanks to the first doline!
You will then scramble down to your campsite and have the afternoon to soak up the views and rest your weary bodies. You’re in for another big meal with your team before turning in for the night. There are no washing facilities on this day.
Day 4: Camping 1 - Watching denisaurs - Cave Wall - Camping 2
Your day begins with a hearty breakfast with your team before a 9:00 am departure towards your second campsite in Son Doong Cave!
You’ll start with some rocky climbs, which are quite steep in some places, as you reach the first jungle within the cave at Watch Out For Dinosaurs. After a short break you’ll be trotting down the rocky path to reach the enormous Green Gours!
A light lunch is provided with an incredible backdrop of the first doline. If you are lucky you may even catch some sunbeams, which make for truly spectacular photographs!
It is then an easy walk through the cave past gigantic formations and plenty of cave pearls towards the light of the second doline and main jungle within the cave.
Follow the path past the beautiful foliage reaching towards the light, to reach the underground jungle, unlike anything you could experience on the planet! Cross the jungle for around 45 mins to reach the steep and sometimes slippery path down to your second campsite within Son Doong Cave.
After a short rest at your campsite, you are back on your feet and heading deeper within the cave towards the Great Wall of Vietnam! You’ll pass through a very large dry passage with huge stalagmites and great views back to the second doline.
Many new creepy crawlies have been discovered within this passage including white spiders, fish, woodlouse and shrimp species!
You will reach at this point a very large beautiful underground lake, where you’ll then paddle to reach the Great Wall of Vietnam, or you will find a muddy pit for hundreds of meters, at which you will need to trudge your way through to reach the wall.
It is entirely optional if you wish to go further and reach the actual wall, as you will get very dirty in the mud and there are no bathing facilities on this day at camp (pack plenty of wet wipes if you decide on the plunge!).
You’ll again enjoy a fantastic dinner with your team and enjoy an evening of games and entertainment, or simply relax and enjoy the views at what is quite possibly the very best campsite in the world!
Quick note, you may use a pair of dry boots on this day, as aside from the mud there are no water crossings!
Day 5: Camping 2 - Fossil Passage - Nat Geo View Point - En Cave
After refueling with another hot breakfast you’ll pack up camp and start heading back to the first doline, with a slightly different route through a small oxbow passage above the underground river with a very steep drop, where you will need to use a rope and safety line.
Once you have reached your first campsite, you’ll have time for a short break before climbing down to the ancient fossil passage, where you will witness 350 million year old coral fossils!
Enjoy a small wash in the pools and a hearty lunch before climbing up to the National Geographic viewpoint. You will then descend back to the main passage, cross the river twice and proceed to climb up to the entrance, again strapped in with your harness and safety lines.
At the entrance of Son Doong you’ll have a chance to enjoy a small break and some snacks, before heading back towards the river valley, where you can enjoy a deserved wash! Walk along the river back to Hang En for your final evening and celebration with porter team at this underground campsite.
Day 6: En Cave - Dan Doong Village - Phong Nha - Dong Hoi
Wake early and after breakfast start your 10 km trek back to Road 20.
You’ll follow the river along the valley and back through Ban Doong Village. You will enjoy lunch along the way before starting on what is quite a difficult climb back up the mountain for the last hour of your big adventure!
Cold drinks await you at the top of the hill before a 45 mins drive back to Phong Nha. You will have a brief stop at the office to collect your luggage and valuables as well as pick up a small thank you gift from Vietland Holidays, before a final 45 mins drive to Sun Spa Resort in Dong Hoi.
You can then enjoy a well deserved wash and either swim in the pool or enjoy the beach. There is also a good spa at the hotel if you would like to treat your body with some pampering! You’re then free to grab dinner at any time you want with a voucher you’ll be provided.
Please advise the hotel of your departure time on the following day upon check-in so they can arrange your transfer back to the airport or train station.
Day 7: Dong Hoi - Departure
Enjoy breakfast at the hotel (voucher provided) and your transfer to the airport will be arranged by the hotel reception. Be sure to give them your departure information.
Please let us know if you would like an additional couple of nights at the hotel and we can arrange! There are some great seafood options in Dong Hoi if you plan on staying an additional night!
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