HGH Travel is a full service destination management company that provides two separate forms of service: HGH Travel Inbound Wholesale & HGH Travel Direct Sales.

HGH Travel Inbound Wholesales:

HGH Travel Inbound Wholesale offers 4 separate divisions to cater to everyone’s needs:

  • HGH Culture & Heritage brings the culture and heritage of Indochina to tourists from all over the world. We work with other tour operators all over the globe to provide their clients with unforgettable experiences. Our services allow tourists to enjoy the locations and destinations they visit but we also add the extra dimension of enabling them to have hands on experience by partaking in the daily life activities of the people around them.
  • HGH Small Group provides easy pre-made tour packages and services with a variety of tour options throughout Indochina. Clients enjoy easy hassle free “Book & Go” with no worries of concerns of needing to form larger groups. HGH Travel guarantees the departure date for groups as small as two people.
  • HGH M.I.C.E prides itself on its ability and dedication to providing top quality customer service when taking care of incoming incentives. We also have extensive experience in managing conferences and other special events.
  • HGH Supportive Eco and Community Tourism offers a wide variety of activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, caving, fishing and farming as well as Zen Buddhism and local Spa treatments. When creating eco-tours, we incorporate an unique experience for customers while maintaining and protecting the environment and culture. We have also created community tours to enable tourists to have the added experience of supporting communities through work tours, charity trips and other responsible programs. Sustainability is the by word that guides us.

HGH Travel Direct Sales:

  • HGH offers outbound and domestic travel: Vietnamese and expats can enjoy the support of the team while making travel plans to domestic or regional destinations.
  • HGH Online Services: When consumers visit www.hghtravel.com, easily see the travel options within the regions of Indochina. They can also book everything from flights, hotels, ground transfers, tour packages and special events. And of course, our professional sales team is always ready to answer any queries via email or phone.