Snuggled into a bend of the Mekong Delta, Vientiane is a charming city. It is the smallest capital city in Asia but is in fact more like a town than a city both in size and character. You can wander with comfort around the streets and along the Mekong stopping to look at the local wares or for a drink in one of the cafes. This is a place not to be underestimated. Wander away from the river and you will soon find the Royal Temples, Wat Sisaket and many other beautiful buildings as well as artifacts and French Colonial buildings. These all blend with consummate ease with the Chinese shops and houses. Tree lined streets, low traffic density and the Laotian's laid back attitude to life add to the charm of this delightful little town/city.

Getting there: The International airport offers a convenient entry point from many Asian destinations.  There are also flights and overnight buses from Luang Prabang.