Thanh Tan Hot Spring and adventure Zipline, Highwire
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  Duration: 1 DAY/0 NIGHT STYLE: Adventure Travel

Thanh Tan Hot Spring and adventure Zipline, Highwire

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Thanh Tan hotspring has now been an incredible place not only with their natural hot stream come directly from underground but also with adventurous feeling from Zipline and Highwire, a coorporated product between Thanh Tan and Altus- French company whose expertise is in constructing adventurous games.

Having a dream of flying like a bird, Free hanging Highwire is absolutely for you. You’ll be sliding down from the height of 45,5 m on Ma Yen hill to the ground. With the total length of 560m, this Zipline broke the Vietnam Record for the longest free hanging uninterrupted Zipline all over the country.

Highwire requires high attention from player to overcome obstacles such walking on the wooden planks, swinging on the rope, crossing the net bridge, keeping balance on small wooden blocks and passing the one-wire -rope bridge. It is designed rather easy for your whole family to join with 3 different levels. So gear yourself up for an amazing adventure.

Games limited to people who don’t have any issue with cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, or any other serious illness which might cause danger during the game.

With accomodation, spa and dining service, you are guaranteed to have a relaxing get away from busy city.

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Thanh Tan Hot Spring and adventure Zipline, Highwire

HGH Travel’s will pick you up at your staying hotel to transfer to Thanh Tan hotsping. You will be welcomed by friendly staff to enjoy services they offer.

Experts will give you a briefing before experiencing Highwire and Zipline. You can immerse yourself in the hot water after that or do your own trekking to find wild stream in the forrest or wild birds and animals to watch.

Lunch in the restaurants. Other services such as spa and massage is available at your request.

We depart to head back to Hue city in the afternoon.

Tour ends.

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